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2022 2022


Join Us at Traders Fair Financial Expo Philippines 2022

A fantastic Traders Fair takes place in Manila, Philippines attracting the world of traders to one place in one day.

About the Event

Traders Fair, making the financial world under one roof o a single day! The event covers many regions, including Southeast Asia, Europe, China, etc.

Numerous free speaking seminars and workshops, top financial companies, and the world’s best trading experts will be sharing their experience with foreign exchange, stocks, futures, and options markets.

What’s more at the event? Stay entertained with fun activities such as lucky draws, fantastic prizes, and live performances. In addition, the annual trader’s awards ceremony will be held during the event.

What to Expert

● To learn from the industry leaders about the current market trends and get a glimpse of the market prospect.

● Dive into Cryptocurrency, where our speakers will share crypto investment and perspectives.

● To learn how PU Prime helps partners build greater expertise, establish business efficiency, and foster customer satisfaction through PU Prime’s tailored partnership program.

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